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Former West Virginia Men’s Basketball Video Coordinator Ryan McIntyre and the Rambling Rush Podcast Host, Rush Bishop, sit down and talk West Virginia Sports.

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Elevate your fan experience with The Ryan & Rush Show, a pulse-pounding sports podcast that delves deep into the world of West Virginia sports!

Join the dynamic duo of Ryan McIntyre, former West Virginia Men’s Basketball Video Coordinator, and Rush Bishop, acclaimed host of the Rambling Rush Podcast, as they break down the most thrilling moments, outstanding plays, and the unsung heroes of WVU football, basketball, baseball, and more.

Their insightful commentary, in-depth analysis, and unyielding passion for West Virginia sports shine through in every episode, bringing you closer to the games and players you love.

With a perfect blend of expert opinions, game breakdowns, and insider perspectives, you’ll feel the Mountaineer spirit in every conversation.

The Ryan & Rush Show goes beyond the games to bring you exclusive interviews with athletes, coaches, and special guests who are at the heart of West Virginia sports.

You’ll hear personal stories, behind-the-scenes insights, and get a unique glimpse into the world of West Virginia athletics.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the Mountaineer community, The Ryan & Rush Show is your ticket to staying connected to West Virginia sports.

Let Ryan and Rush keep you in the game with their knowledgeable and enthusiastic coverage of all things WVU sports.

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